Christmas picks

Every year, Christmas parties come and a girl has to find something to wear. My job has a annual Christmas party at the Mariette hotel a and had to find the perfect dress for this rainy weather. I went to nearest mall in Jonesboro and ended up at one of  my favorite stores called Know Style. I tried on a couple of choices . Of course you have the typical glittery Christmas dress or the sexy red long dress. So many choices, but since I am going to a work function it has to be work appropriate but still classy. These were some of my choices.

photophoto 1 photo 2 photo 3

All of these dresses run 18.99-32.99. I ended up picking the third choice , which only ran 18.99, it was a long maxi dress that compliments me. It was a big hit at the Christmas party. When picking the right dress you have to decide between comfort, style, weather appropriate, and the statement you want to send out to everyone that is going to see you in that dress. Especially in the cold be prepared to sacrifice warmth for being cold when choosing a dress. Long sleeve and a pass the knee dress normally does the trick. New Years is next and it is going to be even colder. So stay warm and thanks for letting me be your guide to shopping in Atlanta. You can always find a good fashion deal, throughout the concrete city. All of my fashion walkers ….strut. Xo


Closet Haul

As the seasons change, so does your closet and a closet haul  is needed. Some of the pieces are vintage and a from variety of collections. I try to buy pieces that I will still love year after year. Whether its a dresses, pants, or a great shirt I love to inspire my readers. Different styles are created with great accessories. Most of the time accessories make a statement and stand out. I will show you some of my pieces that continue to look great continuously. One of my favorite pieces is my BCBG dress that is meant for spring. Its a neon yellow cocktail dress that is perfect for any event in Atlanta.

. jaleesa 3

Another favorite piece of mine is my red H&M blazer . Its a great blazer that changes the tone of every outfit. I have worn it with dresses, pants and shorts, anything looks good with this jacket. Its bright and demans attention which I like.


Heels, heels and more heels are my favorite subject. I love doing post on heels because no girl can live without having a great pair of heels. These are some of my favorite pieces…..



This was my closet haul with some of my favorite pieces that I love. I will continue to bring more sales and deals to all my fashion walkers of Atlanta….xo

“Glitter & Lace”

photo 1

There are a lot of events in Atlanta, so there is always something for you to do. Saying that this city doesn’t sleep is an understatement.  This city is great because you always have a reason to shop. Me and my friends are always on the prowl for a great outfit.  Strolling through the city, we stumble across Express. I have been in this store a couple of times but never find anything that’s worth me reaching in my purse.I am going to an event in a week, so I needed an outfit. Whatever I spend my money on I want it to serve a multi-purpose.  With certain outfits, you can recycle different aspects of the outfit to achieve a different look. The first thing that captures my attention was a lace bright red top. It was bright which captures your attention. Some people have to decide if you want to blend in or stand out. If you want to blind in a good pastel color or the basic tones of black, white, and gray. I like to stand out so red is my poison of choice. Then I was looking for something to finish it off,  either pants or a skirt are a good choice. Then I found this black sequins pencil skirt that was to die for. They had a sale of buy one get the second 50% off .  So the shirt was 49.99 and the skirts was 59.99, so it was around 80.00.  The outfit came together great.

This outfit was worth the money and everything else. I have gotten a lot of feedback about the skirt and the shirt. I believe I  have a nack of spotting great pieces for a desire price. When shopping before even grabbing clothes off the rack, you first decide what look you want to go for. Mine was sexy and classy, as well as age appropriate. Whatever you decide just own the look you want. This outfit is also great for holiday parties and events. I will continue to bring the deals and fashion. Continue to strut fashion walkers……xo

Fashion Walker meets Raw Denim

raw denim

Walking through Midtown Atlanta, I was apartment shopping for a gracious loft in the city. In my search, I came across this store that sounded familiar called Raw Denim right around the corner from club Opera and the Rai sushi restaurant. It sounded familiar because of the show The New Atlanta. For anyone that has not seen the show, its surrounded around the characters Emily, Africa, Erica, Vain and Tribble. They are filmed in a reality show on the Bravo channel in Atlanta and Emily is the owner of Raw Denim, who also has a annual fashion show in February.

When I walked in the store, I was drawn to the bright dresses and the unique Swarovski crystal bracelets. Everything in Raw Denim is unique and something that you are not going to find in any other store. This store has great pieces but they are more on the up scale price for the socialites of the city.  Also being a big fan of Emily in the The New Atlanta show, she was in the store. I got a chance to talk with her and she runs her store without any help. She is a full time business women. If anyone is willing to spend for great pieces, Raw Denim is the place to go. I will continue to do my fashion walker duty and bring the fashion in Atlanta.


Costumes in the City

Happy Halloween everyone. I hope everyone already have a costume but if not I am going to talk about how I made my costume. Every year , everyone looks for a costume for Halloween but to save money you can always look in your closet. This year, I decided to be a 1920s flapper from the Gatsby. First I looked in my closet for a dress. I found a glitter dress that still had the tags on it from Forever 21 that was $19.99. Then I needed to bring in a fringe necklace to give me some glam. Finishing off my look with garter stockings and a black heel. I needed more accessories like a feathered hair piece and a cigarette stick from  Party City in Jonesboro , that came to a price of $10.00. I found a great event to wear my costume. I went to the W hotel’s Halloween party. I also went to the U bar on camp creek in east point. Here are some pictures from the event.

imageimage image

You can always find a great costume in your closet and just jazz it up with great accent pieces to enhance your costume. I had a great Halloween and I hope everyone else did to. I will continue to bring great outfits that you can get and wear to events throughout the city. So all my fashion walkers keep strutting. Xo

The perfect “Girls Night Out” looks

Every weekend me and my girls get together for “Girls Night Out”. Before I decide what to wear I need to know the location. Whether it’s a club, lounge or restaurant/bar, should determine what you put on. With a club you definitely need comfortable heels and a dress to define, how you want to be perceived. Hopefully, you would like to be  perceived as classy and attractive. So you would need to play up your best assets. A dress is the most common choice for the club. For a lounge, you can always go any style you would like. If you would like to risk pain for fashion it would definitely work in a lounge. It’s more of a anything goes crowd and more room for you to truly be you with your style. Restaurants or bars are the perfect places to where whatever you like. You can do it up in a casual/dressy way, by wearing comfortable jeans, a blouse and a nice heel.  it all determines what impression you want to give off. I also feel like a great way to narrow your looks down by what you feel like is age appropriate.

I am having a Girls Night Out trip to New Orleans, so I have to pack all these looks. So before I packed I did alittle shopping at Atlantic Station and went to H&M. You can always find great looks for a night on the town. I found this fur vest, that I have been dying to by for two seasons for a price of $39.95. I also found these great dress pants with a touch of leather for a price $34.95. You can always find complementary pieces that will complement something already in your closet.

Next stop one of my favorite stores call Know Style . They always have great looks for a great price. I found a dress that was only $19.99. All of these pieces that I bought complements old pieces in my closet. There is nothing wrong with mixing and matching old with new. That keeps everyone guessing . These are some of the pieces and how I mix them with old pieces in my closet.imageimage

GoodWill Scandal

Finding vintage is like finding labels on sale in Neminas. Good Will is the best place to find great finds at a great place. First you have to find the best Good Will store for you. You have to decide between creation or labels at a great price. With creations  you can go to any Good Will and find great finds, but with great friends you have to weed out the best places to find labels. Of course, that would the buckhead and up North areas of Georgia.  The best one that I have found is the perimeter Good Will. I have found Raulph Laren sweaters and Ugg boots. They have a great selection that any fashionista would find any piece that would work in their closet. With Good Will you will always find great finds that you can either make as your own creation or blind with your everyday looks in your closet.


Adding a new flare to your closet will always bring a edge to your closet. Great finds for everyday life is what keeps a fashionista  keep spending.  Labels are everyone’s heart’s desire but finding the right item that will build your closest is what your goal is. Goodwill is a great place to find items that are great after time. You always want pieces that will still be in time after some time has passed. I will continue to keep bring great places and deals. All my fashions walkers keep strutting. Xo