Christmas picks

Every year, Christmas parties come and a girl has to find something to wear. My job has a annual Christmas party at the Mariette hotel a and had to find the perfect dress for this rainy weather. I went to nearest mall in Jonesboro and ended up at one of  my favorite stores called Know Style. I tried on a couple of choices . Of course you have the typical glittery Christmas dress or the sexy red long dress. So many choices, but since I am going to a work function it has to be work appropriate but still classy. These were some of my choices.

photophoto 1 photo 2 photo 3

All of these dresses run 18.99-32.99. I ended up picking the third choice , which only ran 18.99, it was a long maxi dress that compliments me. It was a big hit at the Christmas party. When picking the right dress you have to decide between comfort, style, weather appropriate, and the statement you want to send out to everyone that is going to see you in that dress. Especially in the cold be prepared to sacrifice warmth for being cold when choosing a dress. Long sleeve and a pass the knee dress normally does the trick. New Years is next and it is going to be even colder. So stay warm and thanks for letting me be your guide to shopping in Atlanta. You can always find a good fashion deal, throughout the concrete city. All of my fashion walkers ….strut. Xo


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