Closet Haul

As the seasons change, so does your closet and a closet haul  is needed. Some of the pieces are vintage and a from variety of collections. I try to buy pieces that I will still love year after year. Whether its a dresses, pants, or a great shirt I love to inspire my readers. Different styles are created with great accessories. Most of the time accessories make a statement and stand out. I will show you some of my pieces that continue to look great continuously. One of my favorite pieces is my BCBG dress that is meant for spring. Its a neon yellow cocktail dress that is perfect for any event in Atlanta.

. jaleesa 3

Another favorite piece of mine is my red H&M blazer . Its a great blazer that changes the tone of every outfit. I have worn it with dresses, pants and shorts, anything looks good with this jacket. Its bright and demans attention which I like.


Heels, heels and more heels are my favorite subject. I love doing post on heels because no girl can live without having a great pair of heels. These are some of my favorite pieces…..



This was my closet haul with some of my favorite pieces that I love. I will continue to bring more sales and deals to all my fashion walkers of Atlanta….xo


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