Fashion Walker meets Raw Denim

raw denim

Walking through Midtown Atlanta, I was apartment shopping for a gracious loft in the city. In my search, I came across this store that sounded familiar called Raw Denim right around the corner from club Opera and the Rai sushi restaurant. It sounded familiar because of the show The New Atlanta. For anyone that has not seen the show, its surrounded around the characters Emily, Africa, Erica, Vain and Tribble. They are filmed in a reality show on the Bravo channel in Atlanta and Emily is the owner of Raw Denim, who also has a annual fashion show in February.

When I walked in the store, I was drawn to the bright dresses and the unique Swarovski crystal bracelets. Everything in Raw Denim is unique and something that you are not going to find in any other store. This store has great pieces but they are more on the up scale price for the socialites of the city.  Also being a big fan of Emily in the The New Atlanta show, she was in the store. I got a chance to talk with her and she runs her store without any help. She is a full time business women. If anyone is willing to spend for great pieces, Raw Denim is the place to go. I will continue to do my fashion walker duty and bring the fashion in Atlanta.



2 thoughts on “Fashion Walker meets Raw Denim

  1. I have actually never heard of this store but I actually would love to check it out! I am always finding new stuff around Atlanta and I enjoy fashion store tremendously! Thanks for recommending all these wonderful places–great post.

  2. Wow. That’s pretty cool you found a place that’s on a reality show and met the owner too. The name of the store does not seem to match the description of fancy accessories. When I think of Raw Denim, I think of something more hip not fancy. Saying that there are items at the store in which I won’t find anywhere else makes me want to check the place out…one day.

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