Costumes in the City

Happy Halloween everyone. I hope everyone already have a costume but if not I am going to talk about how I made my costume. Every year , everyone looks for a costume for Halloween but to save money you can always look in your closet. This year, I decided to be a 1920s flapper from the Gatsby. First I looked in my closet for a dress. I found a glitter dress that still had the tags on it from Forever 21 that was $19.99. Then I needed to bring in a fringe necklace to give me some glam. Finishing off my look with garter stockings and a black heel. I needed more accessories like a feathered hair piece and a cigarette stick from  Party City in Jonesboro , that came to a price of $10.00. I found a great event to wear my costume. I went to the W hotel’s Halloween party. I also went to the U bar on camp creek in east point. Here are some pictures from the event.

imageimage image

You can always find a great costume in your closet and just jazz it up with great accent pieces to enhance your costume. I had a great Halloween and I hope everyone else did to. I will continue to bring great outfits that you can get and wear to events throughout the city. So all my fashion walkers keep strutting. Xo


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