The perfect “Girls Night Out” looks

Every weekend me and my girls get together for “Girls Night Out”. Before I decide what to wear I need to know the location. Whether it’s a club, lounge or restaurant/bar, should determine what you put on. With a club you definitely need comfortable heels and a dress to define, how you want to be perceived. Hopefully, you would like to be  perceived as classy and attractive. So you would need to play up your best assets. A dress is the most common choice for the club. For a lounge, you can always go any style you would like. If you would like to risk pain for fashion it would definitely work in a lounge. It’s more of a anything goes crowd and more room for you to truly be you with your style. Restaurants or bars are the perfect places to where whatever you like. You can do it up in a casual/dressy way, by wearing comfortable jeans, a blouse and a nice heel.  it all determines what impression you want to give off. I also feel like a great way to narrow your looks down by what you feel like is age appropriate.

I am having a Girls Night Out trip to New Orleans, so I have to pack all these looks. So before I packed I did alittle shopping at Atlantic Station and went to H&M. You can always find great looks for a night on the town. I found this fur vest, that I have been dying to by for two seasons for a price of $39.95. I also found these great dress pants with a touch of leather for a price $34.95. You can always find complementary pieces that will complement something already in your closet.

Next stop one of my favorite stores call Know Style . They always have great looks for a great price. I found a dress that was only $19.99. All of these pieces that I bought complements old pieces in my closet. There is nothing wrong with mixing and matching old with new. That keeps everyone guessing . These are some of the pieces and how I mix them with old pieces in my closet.imageimage


One thought on “The perfect “Girls Night Out” looks

  1. I have the hardest time planning what to wear for a girls night out and I know it depends on the location but I guess I’m indecisive. Your blog gave me a couple of ideas and now I’m readyfor a night on the town! a great read! Please continue to write.

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